Chung-Wen Chen


Church Elder

Wife Gloria Chen, a Christian for more than 30 years, a writer and educator, she constantly integrates biblical truth with life and work. Children's Sunday School teacher

Cheu-Jey Lee

Discipleship coworker, coordinate Sunday schools, retreat, training, church library, etc. Church accountant

Dong Chen

Worship coworker - Arrange Sunday worship service (guest speakers and singspiration leaders, Sunday bulletins), coordinate Communion and Baptism activities and supplies, etc.

Guoping Wang & Frank Yang

Evangelism and Mission coworker, in charge of evangelism and outreach to local truth seekers, and support of missionaries and mission organizations. Guoping, as the treasurer, who is responsible for bookkeeping and financial reports.

Daniel Lin &Christy Lee

Fellowship coworker

Zesheng & Chao Chen

Ministry coworker; Coordinator of the coworkers group - organize monthly coworkers' meetings; coordinate church programs and activities across multiple ministry areas; coordinate efforts for taking church membership and applying for status, etc.

Wei Guo

Events and Sister's Group coordinator; General affairs coworker - maintain church supplies; Children's Sunday School teacher.

Shu-Hui Tang

Church Librarian / Literature coworker; Children's Sunday School teacher

Guanglan Zhang
Webmaster - develop and maintain church website; Children's Sunday School teacher